Personal Statement Review 2018

The key to writing an effective personal statement is to prepare thoroughly.

You have to convince the admissions tutors that they should invite you to interview. You have 4000 characters in which to do this (roughly 47 lines).

  • Be honest and don’t embellish.

  • Use your personal statement to prove that you have a realistic view of the profession. It should not be a shopping list of what you have seen, more of a reflection of your time spent shadowing.

  • Do not use overtly complicated language.

  • Be prepared to back up everything you have written.

Your personal statement is extremely important and needs to be properly structured. It needs to cover 6 main areas:

  • What attracted you to study pharmacy and why?

  • Work experience: Focus on reflecting on what you learnt about the reality of life as a pharmacist..

  • Volunteering

  • Wider reading and research

  • Extracurricular: Include evidence to demonstrate your qualities. Highlight your achievements.

  • Conclusion

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