Directions to Fast Track Pharmacy School Interview Course's Conference Suite



The Conference Suite,
9 Oakleigh Park South,
London, N20 9JS

Telephone: 0770 835 2315


Totteridge/Whetstone Northern Line British Rail: Oakleigh Park


  1. Take the Underground tube to Totteridge + Whetstone Underground Tube Station.
  2. Exit the tube station and turn left on Totteridge Lane (A5109).
  3. Walk towards the High Road (A1000)
  4. Cross the High Road and turn right, walking along the High Road towards Barclays Bank.
  5. At the Barclays Bank, turn left onto Oakleigh Road North (A109).
  6. At the All Saints Church of England, turn left onto Oakleigh Park South.
  7. Number 9 Oakleigh Park South is on the left hand side of the street.
Course hours: 9.25am-6:00pm

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9 Oakleigh Park South, Whetstone, London N20 9JS - Telephone: 0770 835 2315