Achieve Success in Your Pharmacy School and Pre-Registration Interviews Courses with Fast Track

Applying to pharmacy school is a stressful and difficult process.

With the competition to gain entry into pharmacy school becoming increasingly intense, having good grades alone will not guarantee you a place. Much relies on a student's performance during the all-important pharmacy school interview. Students who attend our courses will dramatically improve their interview skills and help secure a place at pharmacy school. Our students have a 95% success rate. Fast Track Pharmacy School Interview Courses are suitable for both A level and graduate entrants.

One-to-One Pharmacy School and Pre-Registration Interviews Courses Coaching

  • Face-to-face or by Webcam (Skype) provided by experienced specialist in Pharmacy School Interviews.
  • Select one, two or three-hour sessions.
  • You send us your personal statement in advance.
  • We analyse your personal statement, prepare detailed questions, and ask those questions during the session.
  • We record on CD several mini-mock interviews with you, and use those to discuss and improve your performance.
  • One-to-one allows us to concentrate solely on you, your personal statement and on your chosen pharmacy schools.
  • We cover the questions asked by your chosen pharmacy schools for the past two years.
  • We quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • We help you sell yourself effectively and with confidence.
  • We discuss various ethical scenarios, current NHS issues, recent articles in the press and journals.
  • Appreciate how important it is to consider the arguments both for and against an issue.
  • Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) and group interviews are getting more common in pharmacy schools.
  • We closely monitor the questions asked each year and will help you structure excellent responses to those type of questions.
  • We interview you in a formal setting to simulate the real interview.
  • We provide unlimited support to you after the sessions.

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Fast Track Pharmacy and Pre-Registration Interviews Courses

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